Back to Westport

If the weather forecast had been better, I may have stayed longer but I do know I will be back to Karamea. I love it’s isolation and uniqueness (like I love Golden Bay’s) and I am so pleased I went, I nearly didn’t when I found I couldn’t go to the caves and I suspect I wouldn’t have made the attempt again.


New born calves


Last glimpse of Karamea

As I started over the hill (420 metres) the drizzle started and then I heard on the radio (before I lost reception) a weather bomb was a possibility and there were many slips further down the West Coast.

Going over the hill I thought I saw a Kiwi. It definitely had a long bill, was brown and had feathers and was different from a Weka. All the way over the hill I kept saying “I saw a Kiwi”. It was very exciting. Unfortunately I couldn’t stop as it was by a one way bridge and there was a car coming the other way. I also saw a Mama Weka and her babies on a rather narrow and windy section and am happy to report that all made it safely across the road!


About to go over the Mohikanui bridge.

I stopped at Mohikanui to walk along the beach and see the wreck of the Steamer SS Lawrence that was grounded on the Mokihinui bar 28th April 1891 and the tide was low.






Not long after it started to rain heavily and continued until Westport, where I went to buy some provisions for a few wet days.


The motor camp in Westport is lovely: surrounded by bush, lots of bird song, wekas too and with good facilities and very clean. There are also 2 cats, chickens and some exotic birds in an aviary.



Nap time was essential, I have been busy and although I am sleeping very well in my comfy bed I’m at a “certain age” when naps are welcomed, occasionally ;)

 As I was hearing on the news, and seeing on Facebook that the American election outcome was close, was getting interesting, I succumbed and put up the satellite dish and turned on the TV. I really haven’t missed it. I watched a programme after the special election news, feeling a little shell shocked at the result.

~~ 9 November ~~


It was great to sleep in and listen to the birds, listening to the rain and not needing to rush. I do well from not rushing to be out by 10am, the mornings are my slow time.

On my agenda was organising the inside of the Ducato. It was away for so long and back just a few days before I left that I didn’t have a chance to set it out for practicality and ease of movement. A good example was needing to use the loo and having to remove several bins so I could get in :)
 I was surprised that I hadn’t brought TOO much that was unnecessary; I used to be prepared for every contingency!








That done, I walked to the supermarket to get the breadcrumbs I had forgotten for my lovely fresh fish for last night’s dinner. It was raining but not windy or cold. I took photos of flowers and buildings for the lack of touristy things I would have done if it was fine. 

After I walked back and dropped the few things I had purchased in the Ducato, I walked to the Orowaiti lagoon, hopeful of seeing a few interesting birds. Don’t you love it when you realise the map isn’t drawn to scale and it is much, much further than it looked and the rain is getting heavier? 😉 The birds didn’t seem impressed either and the solitary Black-backed Gull and Royal Spoonbill were the only occupants. I did see a trio of White-faced Herons fly over . . . . . lovely!


It’s been an uneventful few days, though I did walk 10 kilometres today and I enjoyed the solitude and peace. I’m certainly not complaining. “Loving Life”

~~10 November~~


4 thoughts on “Back to Westport

  1. This all makes my wandering feet itch to be on the road. Things are working out well for you in spite of that liquid sunshine. It may even have brought out birds you wouldn’t have otherwise seen. Photos are great!!! Missing you and enjoying your adventure!

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