Westport to Hokitika

I was eager to get on the road as there were things to be done, even in the rain!


I hadn’t intended to stop at the lighthouse at Cape Foulwind, I’m pleased I did. Where last time we saw a lone Weka (which I stalked to get photos) this time there were many. I took a walk down to the beach to get some photos of the cliffs, which I found fascinating though didn’t walk up to the lighthouse. It was the beginning of a day of good exercise.




This modest little lighthouse (this isn’t all of it) was built in 1876!

I remembered to park in the correct park at Tauranga Bay, the part for camper vans! The rain eased off and I had a lovely time looking at the seals (I just saw one baby as birthing had just commenced), one who I suspected was in labour, many females and a solitary male. Of more excitement was seeing a Black-backed Gull on a nest; I have not seen this before.


Not a great photo (it was raining by now) and a rather modest nest ❤



The male, more than half as big again as the female; all the other females had fled. Females breed just a few days after giving birth.



Baby is hiding!

I had commented I would stop at Charlestown in my preparation blog, a place I hadn’t remembered it in April and all it was only the headquarters for an outdoor adventure centre. In it’s day it would have been a mining town and the name sounded intriguing.



She was an intrepid adventurer!


The drive to Hokitika is lovely, largely a winding road that hugs the coast then venturing into the bush. I stopped many times as the scenery, with the mist and the calm sea, kept on getting better.


I stopped at the Truman Track, a short walk through subtropical forest to a pretty stoney beach (with do not swim warnings) with limestone cliffs, a blowhole and a little waterfall.
It was difficult to walk on the thickly pebbled beach and I was wary of the incoming tide. The undertow was very strong and I watched a father and his children playing “chicken” with the waves. Idiot!!!


Just around the corner is Punakaiki, the Pancake rocks. Last time I visited with Dasha the photos I took were not great and I was hopeful of doing better but with the drizzly day I wasn’t hopeful.


Still not great 🙂


One of the surge caverns. The power of the water was huge!

15073414_10155540288009863_2617174026316529812_nOf more interest to me were the birds. There were many nesting, flying and resting terns.



An elegant bird.

I was fascinated with this rocky outcrop and way way the water poured off it.


It was great to get to Hokitika, I was feeling weary as it had been a busy day. I walked nearly 14 kilometres and climbed 33 floors.

It poured when I had just settled in. The promised weather bomb had arrived.

~~11 November 2016~~



3 thoughts on “Westport to Hokitika

  1. Lovely photos! Even in the rain, the South Island is so fantastic. So many wonderful geological wonders, fascinating birds and much to feed my wandering lust. I am so enjoying this through your eyes. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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