Hokitika Gorge & Lake Kaniere

It was to be a fine day and was until I got towards the mountains. The rain was misty with no wind, the kind of rain I find enjoyable.


It was nice to see all the dairy cows that were Jersey; (we usually have Friesian where I live, the black and white ones.) and also many beef cattle.


Blury calves and another old shed!

There weren’t too many cars on the road and that pleased me as I had heard the car park wasn’t generous. I’m gaining in confidence with reversing, the camera was one of my most useful purchases.


It stopped raining when I got there and I enjoyed the walk through the bush on the great track and listening to the Bellbirds, though I have yet to see one.

I was thinking the water may not be blue as there had been so much rain. The distinctive blue colour is created by glacial flour, the extremely finely ground rock particles from the glaciers.


Onto the side of river where there were some pretty little waterfalls and rock pools, with slippery rocks and I didn’t slip.


I decided go back via Lake Kaniere, knowing it wouldn’t look spectacular because of the weather.


The tractor in the old shed would be very old!




One of the numerous one way bridge signs, my turn to give way 🙂



Someone has added the cute eyes 🙂

The road at first was a sealed narrow country type road then to gravel then to one way gravel. I was fortunate that I didn’t meet anyone though there were occasional minuscule passing areas.


I got out at the Dorothy Falls, very pretty, and to the lake through a short bush walk.


I don’t know what this is, it’s not something I have seen before.


Dorothy Falls

I took so many photos, every day I have, it’s difficult to choose.


Lake Kaniere

It was a lovely day, very enjoyable, I like driving 🙂

~~13 November ~~


3 thoughts on “Hokitika Gorge & Lake Kaniere

  1. Glad you got to the Hokitika Gorge and even the Dorothy Falls, I must say that road past the falls scared me even though I was lucky and didn’t meet anyone until I got out of the narrow part.

    Liked by 1 person

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