It was still windy but the sun shone and it was warm.


It wasn’t far to the shops and the view was pretty.


In April I took a photo of a calm lake at sunset with these lovely lights in the centre.


Copper beech trees? I had one but had to remove it, not realising how enormous they grow.


I had a walk in town and noticed how Wanaka is becoming more attuned to the residents with lovely, but very expensive, boutiques with beautiful clothing. Sad, in a way and I am wondering if Te Anau will be the next to follow. There are huge subdivisions taking place with beautiful, large and expensive homes being built.


I took a drive to the beginning of the Clutha River. For some unknown reason I feel strongly drawn to it and have the need to follow part of it’s journey. The Clutha, Mata-Au is the longest river in the South Island and the second longest in New Zealand to the Waikato. Both rivers are sourced from lakes. It is also the highest volume and the swiftest. It has two hydroelectric dams, the Clyde and the Roxburgh Dams

. The ultimate source is at the Makarora River which is the first river I see coming over the Haast Saddle.


He was having fun. This is where the lake becomes the Clutha River.


He was loving the willow 🙂


He was a beautiful dog.


I talked to a lovely lady who was exercising her horse, who had sore feet and was, I think, a rescue. He had special needs. She also had a lovey sheepdog type dog, one of my favourites. 

She suggested I try the Clutha River Walk, as it may not be as windy and the river was a pretty blue. It was!. I was intrigued by the geology along the banks and less intrigued by the many cyclists, who were allowed to use it but often gave me a fright. In Canberra (Australia) cylcists and pedestrians share the track but they cyclists must ring their bells when approaching a walker. The first time it happened, and being unaware of the rule, I got a huge fright!



A room with a view.

The track to and from the car park was a bit rough and in taking the easiest way I came across a dump station in the middle of nowhere. I took advantage of the isolation and lack of queue to empty my toilet tank and fill up the ”flush”. I also made use of the lovely D.O.C toilet, one of the few that have toilet paper. I was impressed.

There is some lovely art in Wanaka, I loved this (one piece showing the 4 sides).


Contemplating . . . . .


up a tree . . . . . . .


and spat the dummy!

I saw several colourful campers . . . . .


Wanaka is lovely but I’m not are if I would come back again except maybe for a good photo of the lake on a calm day. I am beginning to appreciate the less populated, less urban areas.

Tomorrow I am off to Te Anau and the quieter day is very much welcomed.

~~19 November~~


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