Wanaka to Te Anau

To the supermarket for essentials, coffee and nail polish remover (which I later found, looking different from what I expected it to be, typical!).

The queue at the gas station was huge with inconsiderate people not moving on when they were done! I had to point out to a young couple that the queue was out on the side of the road and got a dirty look. They were reorganising their luggage!!!!! I like to think I’m always polite and ask with a smile; I wonder if I was a bit grumpy, I’m not too great in the morning!


The road to Queenstown is interesting and good to Cardrona. Then the ‘hill’ which is great and there is still lots of snow about high up. The Bra Fence is always fun and while I have lots of photos of the Cardrona hotel I took more. It’s part of our history and our (cheese) culture.
 Next time I must go inside, I have since been chatting to someone and it’s worthwhile, I was told.z


Most of them seem to be D cup plus!

I thought this tree was gorgeous, I have no idea what it was.

We got up the Crown range reasonably well, it is rather steep and it was cold at the top. On the other side it goes down really quickly with steep switch backs 🙂


I was going straight to Te Anau but couldn’t resist Arrowtown to see if I could get it right this time. I entered church into Kiri (the GPS) and made my way there easily, no dramas and parked with just a short walk to the shops. It is a quaint little town, pretty but wouldn’t go again. Bought a pukeko for ducato window, a stone (meaning prosperity) and a pendant. The lady in the shop remembered the camper van that went the wrong way lol. Arrowtown seems expensive with lots of high class tourist shops, yuppy people and tourists. That is understandable as you have to be affluent to live in the area, I heard that the average price for property is $1 million. Kiri took me past Past Lake Hayes, a new route.



These vehicles are sensible, they are all facing the correct way.


I had hugs ❤


Cute little old houses.

I only went on the outskirts of Queenstown and the new bridge has progressed well since April.


I find driving along the lake uninteresting, which surprises me. Logic tells me that the road should follow the lake at lake level but this road doesn’t (nor do many others), it’s up and down hills and sharp corners. I think that probably many roads follow the original pioneer trails.



Not wildly exciting!

I saw many sheep, lambs, deer, and one bambi but not much else and there was little traffic except as an outpouring from Milford (at the end of each boat ride, I assume) in buses, cars and campers.



I stopped at the Brown Trout in Athol, briefly paused in Grafton, the most inland town in New Zealand (in a country where it is less than a day’s drive to the ocean from anywhere).


I wondered about the Red Tussock conservation area, I must do some research!


Red tussock


I think these hills are gorgeous!

It was good to get to Te Anau, it was still drizzly but after settling in I went for a walk along the lake front and it cleared. It is a great camp, one of the best!



This is pretty!


Bathing time!


Canada Geese are everywhere in New Zealand.

~~20 November~~


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