Te Anau

Te Anau

I love Te Anau

It’s also a special place for my Aussie friends, Lynda, Jim and Teharna. The photos here are really for them and are a compilation of my brief April visit with Dasha (stopping for lunch on the way to Milford Sound) and this one, in November 2016 where I stayed two nights either side of my Doubtful Sound overnight cruise. The weather wasn’t so great this time, unfortunately. I also thought I had taken more photos of the town, so more next visit.


Te Anau, population 2,000 and with 4,000 tourist beds, sits on the edge of Lake Te Anau, lying on the border of Fiordland National Park and Te Wahipounamu World Heritage Area. Te Anau is the town that connects Queenstown to Milford Sound by road. 2 hours drive from Queenstown, the famously scenic Milford Road begins in the centre of Te Anau. Guided tours to Milford Sound depart or stop at Te Anau.


Lake Te Anau is the largest lake in the South Island and largest in the country by water volume getting to depths of over 400m.The lake sprawls at the feet of high rugged mountains, and during the summer the hot dry weather encourages water skiing, swimming, fishing and kayaking on the lake. During the winter, days are crisp and clear with frosty mornings and sunny days, my kind of winter šŸ™‚


Both photos are beautiful in their own way, this April, the other November



The Takahe, one of our rarest birds, is a much prettier bird than this statue. (April)


This isn’t my photo. I did go to the Wildlife park where they have one but the pen was huge and it was a little dot in the distance, not worthy of a photo. I have been up close, touched one, it was wonderful but not in Te Anau.


The main street from the bus (April)

On my recent visit Te Anau was judged home of the best South Island pie (by me). It was an Angus beef, mushroom and cheese pie and the line of people waiting was a testament to the popularity but it wasn’t as long as Queenstown’s infamous “Ferberger”. That was the best South Island hamburger.


This was in April, I didn’t see it in November


Awesome pies.

The lake has many faces, depending on the weather . . . . .


And there were a few birds, disappointing few šŸ˜¦


Canada Geese are everywhere, we saw them in Canada too and I was unimpressed, I saw more in New Zealand where they have become a pest. The babies are cute!



A most odd looking Tui šŸ™‚

I love what they are doing with native plantings on the lake shore. It’s a lovely walk and is wonderful, on a fine day (which I didn’t have the opportunity to experience this time) at sunset.


There was some nice art in the town . . . . . . .


this one advertising possum knitted scarves, socks, beanies etc inside the store.



The lake side walk ā¤

~~ 20/22 November~~


One thought on “Te Anau

  1. Te Anau is such a lovely town. I would have loved to spend more time there with you. This is the place where in 1985 I ended up in the surgery with a massive upper respiratory infection. But in 2015 I was well and had a marvelous time with you on our way to Milford Sound. Love your photos!!!


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