A quick trip to Tekapo then back tracking, somewhat, to Glentanner.

The weather was rather windy and it was a difficult decision, do I go straight to Glentanner or do I go to Tekapo then back to Glentanner? One of the reasons for this trip being in November was to see the beautiful multicoloured lupins that are especially prolific at Tekapo. Also, it appeared that there was a storm coming. Before I left I had a quick walk along part of Lake Ruataniwha, trying to capture THAT view!




There was a bridge I wanted to see called the Twizel Iron Bridge, a single span deck arch bridge built over the Ohau River in 1889 with a clear span of 36.5 metres and an overall length of 41.5 metres. An odd thing for a mature woman to want to see perhaps but my tastes are eclectic from sheep, to pylons, birds (naturally) and now doors.


If I hadn’t come to see the bridge I would have missed this  . . . . . . . .


. . . . . . . . and this, a little power station!!


I got to the Glentanner/Mt Cook turn off and carried on. I regretted that move a few times, it was now incredibly windy and I didn’t feel too safe on a few occasions but only briefly when I was side swiped by a gust. While I’m used to driving in the wind on our roads, many aren’t, I took my time, only did 60 kph in places, driving to the conditions.

Screen Shot 2016-12-24 at 5.05.03 PM.png


At first glimpse Lake Pukaki looked great



but it was rough and I could see there was rain in the distance, where Glentanner is!


It wass still beautiful

From Pukaki to Tekapo it’s quite exposed and if it hadn’t been so windy it would have been perfect. The hills look gorgeous, the lupins exquisite. I love the McKenzie Country.


It looks idylic though the lupins have a lean 🙂




At the top of this bridge over the canal the car had the crane on it’s roof blown off!

I was pleased to get to Tekapo and managed to find the perfect park, behind a small hill that faced directly into the gale that was blowing, right by the statue of the sheepdog!. There were loads of tourists there, all looking a little frazzled in the wind.




The lupins were blowing in the wind, the lake had large waves!


The tussock was blowing in the wind!

I really felt for the two newly weds who had planned their photo shoot with the lake and the lupins. It wasn’t warm and she must have been freezing and so disappointed.


I took some photos, without too much enthusiasm actually. The wind makes me edgy, I was feeling grumpy and not looking forward to the return journey.



California poppies for Dasha 🙂

I walked over the bridge, it was like a fairground ride, I had on hang on to the rails and on the way back to the Ducato, it actually blew my bag off my shoulder. Fortunately I was able to catch it before it ended up in the water. It contained my keys, my purse and my passport. Time to leave!!


It is a beautiful little church and even the gale force winds can’t spoil it. It was built in 1935, so not old but is wonderfully constructed and the site perfect. The next time I go, weather permitting, I’ll stay in Tekapo and get some photos at sunset.


The trip back wasn’t marvellous either, especially being caught in the side wind. This time it was blowing me towards then coming traffic. Amazingly I didn’t see any crashes, though on ambulance was going the opposite way and the canoe blown off the car roof on the way. I was pleased to get to the turn off to Glentanner.


I hadn’t remembered seeing Glentanner when Dasha and I went to Mt Cook and wouldn’t have thought to go there had it not been for Lena’s recommendation.
The wind didn’t feel so bad here, it was now head on. I felt much happier.



Past the lavender farm



towards the snow, we were climbing.



Just as I arrived a rainbow appeared, a nice welcome 🙂

~~25 November~~


2 thoughts on “A quick trip to Tekapo then back tracking, somewhat, to Glentanner.

  1. I remember these places, Carol. Tekapo was so special and I took pictures inside the church (which was a no no!). Remember all the rabbits? There were thousands of them. And thanks for the California poppies picture. I remember seeing some all throughout NZ.


  2. There were lots of rabbits at Glentanner, at Tekapo they were hiding put of the gale. It really was a gale according to MetService!!!!
    I didn’t go inside the church this time, I was keen to get away, out of the wind, so it was a very fast visit.

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