Greymouth for two nights

I was staying for two nights a few kilometres south of the shopping precinct, in South Beach. Greymouth is quite spread out for a small town (population less than 10,000) and it is also the largest town on the West Coast. It has a working port situated on the Grey River, after which the town is name.
 Greymouth prospered and grew with the discovery of gold, followed by coal mining, with seperate townships being settled on either side of the river, Greymouth to the south, Cobden to the north.



What a difference a lot of rain makes, the top photo from April!!

The link above will take you to the region’s tourism page with activities, accommodation etc


Ponamu (greenstone/jade).




There wasn’t anyone around for me to ask to take a photo!


I’d briefly stopped here with Dasha in April, we had wandered along the river and were impressed with the art and architecture.

This time I parked on the outskirts of the shopping precinct and walked.


I’d read about a famous bakery that had award winning pies.



I bought a few things here. It would be worth another visit and the fresh bread smelt delicious.

I walked around town, few people about but lots of camper vans along the river. Christmas was coming (it was 1 December) and I was impressed with this window.


and thought this was nice too.


Nothing really exciting but some of the buildings along the river bank were attractive.


A bonus seagull


I love the colour, it will look cool when the paining has finished


I loved the old railway station and the coast train was just leaving, It would be a great rip to take, from Greymouth to Christchurch, over/through the Southern Alps. Spectacular in winter with the snow.


Greymouth is an oddly laid out town, I thought it was somewhat messy and a town where you would need a car. Seemingly it has the best climate of the West Coast towns, I love the river precinct, it has a nice beach but I still prefer Hokitika.


The port in the distance, well used by fishing and coal boats.




The memorial to the lost miners is beautiful. I counted each one and paused to think about the 29 who died in the Pike disaster in 2010



I missed this so included thee photo from April. I would buy a small version of this, it is exquisite, a beautiful piece of art.


~~30 November & 1 and 2 December~~


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