Going home

Today I was going home.
I was not filled with joy at the thought.
The saving grace to my feeling of doom was that I would see Phee and I knew that for four weeks and one day he had been without human company. My neighbour, who was feeding him, had only seen the occasional departing glimpse of him.


That’s me on the right. When a train went over it was quite noisy but a nice spot, nevertheless.



The last Weka 😦

I had a late check out from the motor camp and went and took photos for a friend who’s grandparents had owned the place when she was a child. I was so pleased to see a Weka, something I had not expected this far north.

15895312_10155761861929863_8257839053489625223_nEventually I drove down to the wharf, only to find that was no longer where you lined up to board. “Commercial vehicles only” said the sign but nothing to tell you where to go now! I had left it later than my usual one hour early to arrive. My confidence was shattered. I eventually found it by sheer fluke and commented to the lady in the ticket booth. She was most sympathetic, almost rolled her eyes and empathised with me.


I wonder if this bird was responsible for the mess on my windscreen 😉

The camper van lane was filled so I was directed to begin another one, feeling quite pleased I would be first, even commented to the traffic director I was feeling very special. I didn’t feel so special when I came to a halt with a line of other campers behind me and found I had stopped on the wrong place, too far forward, by about a meter. Then began an interesting process of me reversing to the back of the line, weaving through the traffic cones, fervently hoping I wouldn’t hit any, while EVERYONE watched. 😦15941163_10155761794694863_4629048777534732146_nIt wasn’t the ferry I was expecting to be on either, I usually book the biggest one but now I seemed to have conquered seasickness I wasn’t too worried and I knew it was going to be windy and choppy in the Cook Strait.15895331_10155761838414863_449715099140558290_nIt was a pleasant trip out of the Sounds and wonderful to see a pod of dolphins inside the Sound. I’d seen them in the Cook Strait but not in the Sounds ❤


Leaving Picton


They were keen, it wasn’t too warm.




I’m guessing this could be mussel farming



Perhaps a Bottlenose Dolphin ❤


The hour or so across the Cook Strait was good and there were some lovely cloud formations to keep me occupied. The door sign went up for strong winds and I went inside to get something to eat to pass the time.



Amazing clouds . . . . . .


Just about out of the Sounds


and into the Cook Strait.



A Petrel


The North Island


Into Wellington Harbour








The Port of Wellington


And it was over, I was in Wellington, driving off the ferry and heading home. Levin, my home town is about one and a half hours north west of the capitol city. As it was Sunday and about 6pm most of the traffic was heading south so it was an easy drive back.



Kapiti Island, a special place

Phee was there to greet me, very vocal and needing lots of love, bless him. The lawns looked like a paddock, it’s amazing how much they grown in the 4 weeks and 1 day I had been gone.


Phee ❤

I was home. It was over!                                                                                   ~~4 December 2016~~


5 thoughts on “Going home

  1. I’m sure your friend would have enjoyed herself as much as I did. It’s lovely revisiting my holiday via the blog. Now it’s finished I feel a little lost, though I do keep the ‘Being Mobile’ blog up to date if I go anywhere, which I am next weekend! 🙂


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