I’m a baby boomer, the children have gone their own way and although I still work I’m rediscovering my own country, New Zealand, in my 2002 Ducato camper van. Life is good!

I’ve (blog) planned a South Island vacation twice – DashaAndCarol and Dasha & Carol Downunder (not quite finished) and the planning blog for this, South Island Planning . . . . . . again! I like blogging and I do it for meĀ as a record of where I’ve been, what I have done and seen and I am happy to share it. I’m very much a novice; I’m learning as I go.

I also have a general Ducato blog “Being Mobile” which is updated occasionally when I have a short trip away, so far only to Plamerston North, my happy place but also the journey to Paeroa to buy it and the journey home..

I leave on 5 November 2016 , return 4 December. Some of it will be retracing the steps Dasha (my friend and sister from California) and I took in April this year, some will be new places. I’m thinking this will be more nature than touristy places but anything can happen.


My anticipated route.

I want to avoid cities and do a more rural trip.



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